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Date: 01-Mar-2024 | Category: News & Updates

Dubai, a jewel in the United Arab Emirates has emerged as a dream destination for retirees offering an enticing blend of business vibrancy, luxurious living, and unparalleled retirement possibilities. Recent studies by medical experts and research entities have ranked Dubai 14th in the global Best Cities for Retirement Index surpassing other cities in the Middle East and Africa.

Dubai secures its top position in the index, particularly for financial security and legacy management reinforcing its reputation as a frontrunner in providing retirees with an exceptional quality of life.

Dubai's appeal to retirees is further enhanced by its progressive retirement initiatives. Similar to countries like Portugal, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malta, Dubai boasts a retirement visa program catering to expats aged 55 and above, along with their spouses and dependents. Financial eligibility for this five-year residency visa considers factors such as monthly income, savings, property investment, or a combination thereof.

Healthcare takes center stage in Dubai's retirement landscape. Ranking first in the MENA region and sixth globally in the Medical Tourism Index 2022, Dubai offers over 4,400 private medical facilities. Retirees benefit from comprehensive medical insurance packages, including check-ups, annual screenings, home nursing, physiotherapy, and more.

Safety is a paramount concern for retirees and Dubai does not disappoint. Placed fifth on Numbeo's list of the world's safest cities in 2023, the secure environment is complemented by excellent infrastructure including quality housing, mobility, and connectivity.

Dubai goes the extra mile to enhance the daily lives of senior residents aged 60 and above. Public transport becomes more accessible with a 50% discount on metro, bus, and tram fares. Telecommunication services offer a similar discount, and fitness programs provide a 15% discount on selected packages, showcasing the city's commitment to the well-being of its older population.

In collaboration with Dubai Tourism and GDRFA, the retirement visa program ensures a smooth transition for retirees. For those with children working in Dubai, a sponsored residence visa becomes a viable option subject to specific financial conditions. Retirement age is 60, with the possibility to work until 65. The "Retire in Dubai" program allows retirees to continue working after 65, providing financial flexibility without restrictions on additional income sources.

Dubai's tax-free income policy is a game-changer for retirees, allowing them to retain 100% of their pensions and retirement savings. This favorable fiscal environment positions Dubai as an attractive haven for those looking to maximize their retirement incomes.

 Dubai's status as a major international travel hub provides retirees with unparalleled access to the world. Boasting a world-class airport and seamless connectivity to various destinations Dubai enables retirees to explore and experience different cultures fulfilling the wanderlust that often accompanies retirement.

Dubai stands as a perfect haven for retirees, offering a seamless blend of financial security, healthcare excellence, safety, and an enriching lifestyle. With a progressive approach to retirement, tax benefits, and global access, relocating to Dubai is not just a move; it's an invitation to an extraordinary retirement experience.